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  • Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Lao PDR Lane Xang Road, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
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Introduction To Lao Railway Authority (LR)

" The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has made a strong contribution. Development Socio-economic development plan of the state in each period with the conquest of victories and achievements "


The Laos and Thai governments signed an agreement on 20 March 2004 to build the railway line from the middle of the ‘Mitraphab’ Friendship Bridge joining the Thai side track to Thanaleng. The track is 3.5km long starting at Nong Khai in Thailand and ends at Ban Thanaleng in Laos.

Lao people’s Democratic Republic have the very Short distance of Railway line from Nongkhai province (Thailand) To Thanaleng station (Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR)

5.5 km in Long with one station and one container yard, 800 m on the First Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, Single- Track Meter Gauge.


The management Railways Ministry of Public Works and Transport which role has been appointed by the Minister of Ministry of Public Works and Transport ends document number 9481/while being. Dated 15/07/2009.

Status and Role

The management of road is the subject which has been assigned to pursue psychology to management, Administration and service to the railway. Most technically up to a railway.

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About The Ministry

From 1975 to 2013, the Ministry of Communications, Public Works and Transport went through the following stages:

From 1975 to 1982, it was called the Ministry of Communications, Public Works and Transport;

From 1982-1989, it was divided into three ministries: the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Material and Technical Affairs and the Ministry of Postal;

From 1989-2007, the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications were merged into the Ministry of Communications, Transport, Post and Construction;

From 2007 to the present (2013) it is called the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. The Post and Telecommunications Department was separated in 2007 into an agency equivalent to the Ministry. In 2011, the organization was upgraded to the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Communications.