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Infrastructure upgrading projects to be funded by the Government Bonds of 7,000 billion VND in 2018 - 2020 period

Upgrading of essential works on Hanoi – Vinh section
  • Scope of works: constructing the third track for 3 stations, lengthening platforms for 6 stations, constructing one new station between two adjacent stations with the length of 17 km, repairing track bed and renew 99.89 km of track, realigning 4 km of track at 8 curves with sharp radius, constructing 19.5 km of fences and feeder roads to abolish illegal level crossingswelding 134km long rail, upgrading of 87 level crossings and fence system
  • Total investment: » 1,600 billions VND.
Upgrading of essential works on Nha Trang – Sai Gon section
  • Scope of works: Construction of 05 stations and the third track at 3 stations, lengthening platforms for 10 stations, welding 137km long rail, upgrading of 112 level crossings and fence system
  • Total investment: » 1,800 billions VND.
Upgrading of weak bridges and reinforcement of abutment on Hanoi – HCM city line
    • Scope of works: rehabilitating and upgrading 111 bridges, constructing and reinforcing anti-collision piers for 6 bridges, repairing track bed and renewing 50 km of bridgeapproaching section.
    • Total investment: » 1,800 billions VND
Reinforcement of weak tunnels in combination of constructing new station and upgrading upper structure on Vinh – Nha Trang section
    • Scope of works: rehabilitating 11 tunnels to ensure safety and increase train operation speed, lengthening platforms for 7 stations, constructing 3 new stations and halts between adjacent stations with the length of 17km, repairing track bed and renew 112.6 km of track, constructing 13 km of fences and feeder roads to abolish illegal level crossings.
    • Total investment: 1,800 billions VND