Vietnam Railways (VNR)

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An Overview of Vietnam Railways​

" Only by innovating with the highest decisive on all aspects, from mind to actions, our company will be able to survive and develop. "

The first railway line of Vietnam was constructed in 1881 with 71 km in length linking Sai Gon and My Tho. Then the Trans-Viet line was operated in 1936. Up to now, railway network has been made a rapid leap compared with the starting period in terms of its scale and operation capacity. Vietnam Railway network consists of 7 main lines linking and passing through 35 provinces and cities with difficult terrains.

With more than 130 years of operation, VNR has been continuously developing, now becoming a one-member limited liability company owned by the State, operating and maintaining the entire infrastructure of the national railway network.  

Main Business Sector

  1. To trade in railway transportation, domestic and international multimodal transport.

  2. Management, exploitation, maintenance and repair of the national railway infrastructure system.

  3. Trading in railway infrastructure system.

  4. Operate national railway transportation.

  5. Agent and transport services for railway, road, waterways, airways.

  6. Consulting, surveying, designing, manufacturing, building and repairing vehicles, equipment, spare parts specialized in railway and mechanical products.

Industry & Profession Related

  1. Business tourism, hotels, import and export of goods.

  2. Consulting, surveying, designing, constructing traffic, irrigation, industrial and civil works.

  3. Telecommunication and informatics services.

  4. Trading in gasoline, oil, lubricants for the railway industry.

  5. Warehouse business and transport support services.

  6. Printing.