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Locomotive investment plan in 2018-2020 period

At the moment, Vietnam Railways is planning to implement the investment project to provide 32 locomotives.



  • Replacing old, backward and low capacity locomotives to be suitable with the upgraded infrastructure.
  • Reducing transport cost by reducing of maintenance cost and fuel consumption.
  • Improving service quality to better meet the increasing demand of passengers.


Investment modes:

  • International bidding to provide 32 locomotives.
  • The first priority is given to foreign contractors who cooperate with domestic manufacturers to provide locomotives in Vietnam.


Capital sources:

  • Vietnam Railways.
  • Loan from commercial banks.


Main specifications of the new locomotive

Capacity ≥1,900 HP

Design speed 120 km/h

Gauge 1,000 mm

Axle load 14 tonnes

Wheel arrangement C0-C0

Minimum curve radius Rmin = 70 m

Diesel engine Electronic fuel injection

Transmission type AC-DC

Control system Computerized

Braking system Pneumatic and dynamic brake

Air compressor capacity: ≥3,2 m3/minute.