KTMB - Development Projects

Gemas - Johor Bahru Electrified Double Tracking Project (192km)

The Malaysian Government has embarked on a plan to extend the electrified double track southward toward Johor Bahru. The Malaysian Government anticipates that this project would further boost the public transport industry and the regional economy in the Southern corridor of Peninsular Malaysia. The contract had been awarded in October 2016 and targeted to be completed by October 2021.



With the completion of the project, the railway infrastructure throughout the West Coast sector between Johor Bahru and Padang Besar (974km) will be equipped with modern facilities and railway systems resulting to greater capacity, comfort, safety and reliability as well as reduced transit time of train services. Moreover, it is also a cost effective solution for cargo trains as fuel consumption for rail operations is far more economical than road transport.


Strengthening & Rehabilitation of Tracks Between Gemas - Tumpat (East Coast Line)


The railway infrastructure were developed and modernised substantially in the early 1990’s with the construction of the electrified double tracks in the Klang Valley. Later this was extended between Rawang – Ipoh and followed by Seremban – Gemas as well as Ipoh – Padang Besar. With the completion of these projects, the condition of tracks will improve in terms of capacity, strength, safety and operating speed.


However the tracks between Gemas and Tumpat (East Coast Line) which lacks development funds are in a critical need for rehabilitation. This sector poses great challenge to the maintenance teams in keeping up to the required operating standards.





Pursuant to this, the Malaysian Government has allocated a budget of RM502.5 million for track rehabilitation in the sector to ensure safety and reliability and improved service level of train services. An additional budget of RM366.0 million has been approved by the Government for this sector due to major floods in December 2014 which caused severe damage to railway infrastructure and rolling stocks in this sector. The project commenced in February 2016 and is expected to be completed by November 2019. The details of the project are as follows:






Gemas – Mentakab (122km)

The physical works of the project commenced in February 2016 and is expected to be completed by September 2019.


Mentakab –

Gua Musang (199km)

The physical works of the project commenced in Jun 2016 and is expected to be completed by November 2019.


Gua Musang – Tumpat (206km)

The physical works of the project commenced in February 2016 and is expected to be completed by October 2019.


Upgrading of Klang Valley Double Track (KVDT) Infrastructure


As part of the initiative to improve the quality of public transportation system in Malaysia, the Government has allocated a budget of RM1.448 billion under the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016 – 2020) on upgrading of railway infrastructure and system in the Klang Valley Double Track (KVDT) for the Phase 1 between Rawang – Salak South (42km). The Phase 1 project commenced in November 2016 and is expected to be completed by July 2020. The Phase 1 project involves the rehabilitation of tracks including enhancement of 16 stations as well as the upgrading of the existing signaling and electrification system.





The next phase of the project will cover sector from Salak South to Seremban (64km), Port Klang Junction (SPK) to Port Klang (44km) and SPK Bypass Line (2km) with a budget of RM4.725 billion. The project is expected to be completed in October 2026.





By completing of the entire phases of the project will then benefit the public in terms of a more reliable, comfortable and quality train services. In addition, the project will improve the headway for the KTM Komuter Services in KVDT area from 15 minutes to 7.5 minutes during peak hour. 


Procurement of Additional 9 Sets of Electric Train Set (ETS)

In line with the Malaysian Government’s aspiration to further strengthen rail transport in Malaysia, the Malaysian Government has procured additional nine (9) sets of new 6-Car Electric Train Set under the 11th Malaysia Plan for the ETS Services. The new electric train sets would be an addition to the existing 15 sets that KTMB has at present for train operations between Padang Besar and Gemas electrified double track. The contract was awarded to the CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotives Co. Ltd in December 2016 and expected to be completed by February 2020.


Procurement of 13 Sets of Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DMU)

The Malaysian Government has awarded a contract for the supply of 13 sets of new Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DMU) to the CRRC Rolling Stock Center (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co ZELC for KTMB’s usage in the non-electrified track section. The contract commenced on 12 October 2016 is expected to be completed by December 2019.

The purchase of 13 sets of new DMU is part of KTMB Transformation Program to improve the existing local KTM Interctiy train services. Upon completion of the delivery in December 2019, the DMU would be utilized for train operations in the East Coast sector between Gemas and Tumpat (528km) to replace the existing ageing diesel train.