Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) for activities under the jurisdiction of the Transport Ministry (MoT) during the movement control order (MCO)period.


Question: Are services provided by departments/agencies under MoT affected by the MCO?

A: Counter services provided by departments/agencies under MoT such as the Road Transport Department and the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) remain in operation, in small numbers to reduce the risk of being infected with Covid-19.


However, services at Urban Transformation Centres will be closed throughout the enforcement of the MCO.

Q: Will tests at driving institutes still proceed or has it been postponed, including the MyEG computer test?

A: All driving institutes are fully closed. Therefore, all driving tests will not be conducted throughout the period. All tests on MyEG will not be allowed.

Q: If Puspakom is closed, will this affect the application process for trade vehicle licence plate?

A: Puspakom counter services are open as normal.

Q: Are e-hailing services (Grab, MyCar etc) still operating?

A: E-hailing services are operating as normal.

Q: Which lorries are allowed to be on the road throughout the MCO period?

A: Lorries transporting construction materials are strictly prohibited. Lorries carrying essential items and foodstuff are allowed to operate.

Q: Will the MCO have an affect on the Electric Train Service (ETS) and KTM Komuter services?

A: The services of ETS and KTM Komuter will continue with slight reduction of service during off peak hours.

Q: Will the KTMB trains (northern sector) be operating as normal?

A: KTMB will not allow trains from the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) to operate at the Padang Besar station to reduce the number of tourists coming in and out of the country. However, the operation of South Thai Cargo (STC) will be as usual for the delivery of essential goods.


Q: Will ports in Malaysia be operating throughout the MCO?

A: All ports in Malaysia will remain in operation except for ports that handle cruise ships.


Q: Are the public eligible for refund for flight tickets that have been paid?

A: All claims pertaining to flight tickets are to be referred to the issuing airlines. It is subject to conditions stipulated on the ticket and airline companies will consider three choices:

1) Passengers can postpone the flight to another date;

2) Passengers will be given refund in the form of credits/points where it can be used to purchase flight tickets to the same or different destinations on another date; and

3) Airline companies give full refund to the cost of the ticket including related fees and charges.

Q: Will domestic flights be operating during the MCO period?

A: Flight operations for the domestic and international sectors will continue, subject to conditions and travel restrictions set by the government from time to time.

There is no directive prohibiting airline companies from operating. Movement restrictions only involve citizens leaving the country, while non-citizens are allowed to leave.

Q: Can commercial flights continue to operate to fly foreigners out of the country and bring home Malaysians overseas?

A: The operations of commercial flights, be it scheduled or non-scheduled flights can continue, subject to conditions and travel restrictions stipulated by the government from time to time.

Q: Are cargo flights prevented from entering or leaving Malaysia?

A: Operations of cargo flights, be it to leave or enter the country, are allowed.

Q: Are the operations of private jets (non-revenue private flight/business flight), whether for foreigners entering the country or Malaysians leaving for overseas allowed?

A: Private jet companies’ operations can continue. However, the entry of foreigners and Malaysians leaving is subject to conditions stipulated under the MCO. — STAR