The Ministry of Transport (MOT) today clarified that the 13 new 4-car Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) trains that were procured were needed to replace the existing locomotives and passenger coaches for the East Coast route, due to their condition which required high maintenance costs and often broke down.

MOT said in a statement said that these DMU trains are new sets that only require periodical inspections for now and are under the control of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB).

“The fact is, all 13 DMU train units have arrived safely from the supplier and it will be very awkward if they are not used. The National Audit Department will question if they are not used as all of them have arrived safely in good condition.

“There is no issue related to the safety of the oil tank component of DMU trains because they are always cleaned and repaired immediately if there is damage or defects,” said the statement, in response to allegations made by Railwaymen Union of Malaysia (RUM) president Abdul Razak Md Hassan regarding the DMU trains via a post on his Facebook.

Among others, Abdul Razak is alleged to have said that the DMU trains seemed to be used in a hurry, there were issues related to the safety of the DMU train fuel tank, the quality of the DMU glass windows and depot facilities for the trains.

According to the statement, the new DMUs that will replace the existing coach alignment are more reliable and have a higher speed in accordance with the track that is being repaired and will be fully completed later.

“Subsequently, these benefits will be received by the people along the East Coast train route, especially school students who use the service on a daily basis,” it said.

The ministry also stated that the DMU train fuel tanks are safe to use and that they will be replaced in stages as required.

It added that the glass windows of the DMU trains will be replaced immediately in the event of damage.

Regarding the perception related to the depot, the ministry said that there are several DMU maintenance depot facilities that are in the final stages of construction.

“However, this does not affect the maintenance of the DMU sets because there are still other existing KTMB maintenance depots that can carry out maintenance work,” it said.

MOT said it always listens and takes into account the views of all parties, and has even held several discussions with KTMB on various matters in general, including those related to the DMUs.

“A police report has also been lodged against Abdul Razak for follow -up action. The Ministry of Transport takes seriously accusations or baseless allegations that aim to tarnish the image of the ministry for the personal interest of certain parties,” it added. — Bernama